What Lies Ahead

I always thought I knew what I wanted in life: Get into a good college, do well, graduate, get a job, start a life and eventually get married. Now, this is all in a ten year span, but seeing it typed out in one sentence is pretty scary.

That’s what I’ve been realizing as the first half of my senior year of college is almost finished. Real life (because let’s be honest, college is not real life) is on the horizon, and I’m freaking out. My aspirations coming out of high school are so different than what they are now. So much can change in four years!

I’ve always loved blogs; following someone’s life can be inspirational and motivating. So, I thought why not? Let’s do this. Blogging, to me, is very therapeutic. It’s getting everything going on in your mind out in the open. It’s also a very brave thing to do. I don’t know who’s reading this, but my hope is that you’ll enjoy it!

So, welcome to my journey of figuring everything out.


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