The Media School Report: First Semester

Last semester, I accepted a reporting job for Indiana University’s Media School Website, The Media School Report. At MSR, I work alongside reporters, photographers and videographers who are all students of our media school. We cover all of the events that occur at the media school: the speaker series, noteworthy teachers and students, guest lecturers, etc. Each staff member works on a feature throughout the semester as well. Through my assignments, I was able to meet a Pulitzer Prize winner, a game design professor, and IU alums.

Below are all of the pieces I worked on during the fall 2015 semester. Take a look!

Pulitzer-winner Lane DeGregory shares expertise: Tampa Bay Times narrative writer Lane DeGregory visited IU in October to share her experience and advice with students. DeGregory’s latest work was just published and it’s absolutely amazing, I highly recommend it!

Coleman talks on aging workforce at Themester event: IU media school professor Joe Coleman spoke on the aging workforce and retirement around the world.

Journalism alumni join Luminaries at discussion panel: Two journalism alumni, along with three other alumni from the College of Arts and Sciences, participated in a panel to share their experiences and advice for students.

Team designing game to teach water usage, management: Professor of game design Mike Sellers teamed up with School of Public and Environmental Affairs professor Shahzeen Attari and four students to create a game that educates users on water usage in America.


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