My Post Grad Update

I really can’t believe it’s been almost two months since I graduated from IU and left Bloomington! Time really flies when you really miss your friends and are too busy to watch an hour episode of Game of Thrones. (I’m so behind guys it’s embarrassing!)

Why am I so busy, you may ask. WELL, I was fortunate enough to have a job offer lined up at two prominent parenting magazines in NYC. I’m a freelance editorial assistant for the summer there, but work has been so enjoyable. I am so incredibly happy to have this job.

As for my blog, I have not been keeping up at all! I promised myself once I graduated I would start my 101 in 1001 (check out where I got the inspiration from) and try to post twice a week. can see I haven’t been doing that.

Things are very crazy at work right now, but come July they’ll start to slow down and I’ll have more time on my hands.

Besides keeping up with my blog, I made a list of things I want to start now that I am a graduate!

  1. Take more photos: I’ve never had a camera of my own, but I’ve always wanted one. So, my sister left behind her’s and I have now claimed it mine. Photography is so beautiful to me, which is why I’m always on my Instagram and following others who have great accounts. I really want to start taking photos of my own!
  2. See the Arts: Now that I’m back home and working in NYC, I can go to broadway shows and museums constantly! Tomorrow, I’m actually heading to the Met with a friend to see the Manus x Machina Exhibition. I’m also so obsessed with Hamilton right now that I’m dying to see it/any broadway show.
  3. Read: I am a huge fan of my local library. I don’t like buying books because once I’ve finished the book becomes useless to me.At school, I felt like I could never read since I didn’t want to buy a book. Now that I’m home and have a 45-minute commute to NYC, I’m at the library every week picking out books!



The Media School Report: Second Semester

My last semester reporting for IU’s Media School went by so quickly I couldn’t believe it! It began with the filming of The Good Catholic, a movie that was written and produced by IU alumni. It was filmed on the Bloomington campus for two weeks from the end of January to early February. Our whole team was responsible for covering it.

Just like last semester, I reported on events that occurred at the Media School while also working on a long feature throughout the semester. Below you can read what I worked on during the spring 2016 semester!

Students collaborate at Hoosier Games pitch night: Hoosier Games is one of the biggest clubs at the Media School. Students pitch game ideas, team up, and create a video game throughout the semester. I reported on the pitch night, where more than 10 students presented their ideas to the club.

Ganguly wins Scripps Regional Spelling Bee: Students from all over the country compete in spelling bees to hopefully make it to the National Spelling Bee. I reported on the regional spelling bee for the southern Indiana counties of Brown, Greene, Monroe, Morgan and Owen.

Students intern on the set of Good Catholic: With so much to cover, our whole team was responsible for reporting on the filming of The Good Catholic. My peer Emma and I interviewed four students total, and wrote about how the film came to be.

PRSSA sponsors Greek Media Training: IU’s Public Relations Students Society of America (PRSSA) puts on a training for all chapters of Greek Life at IU to prepare them for any media situation.

Fox outlines duties of of sports producer at Sports Media Alumni Day: Bart Fox, and independent sports producer who produces events like NBA games, spoke and gave advice to students at IU Media School’s first ever Sports Media Alumni day.

Design pros discuss work, offer advice: The Graphic Design Club at IU held an event at the end of the semester that featured professionals in the graphic design world from three different fields of work.

IU alumni offer advice on sports journalism industry: This was my big feature that I worked on from the beginning of November to the end of school in May. I interviewed over 12 IU sports alumni about what they do and what advice they can give to sports media hopefuls.